Play. Collaborate. Create.

Designing an office for a young, creative and growing company is a healthy challenge.  After many design charette meetings and a careful listen for hidden cues and verbiage, Adrienne  began with one inspiration: The Clue Board Game. What came to fruition was a uniquely intriguing space that is both functional and whimsical. We even went as far as building a secret room behind a bookcase - one of the small, yet impactful, creative details that truly make this space one of a kind and perfect for our playful client!



Customized rooftop patio
Nine individually-themed meeting rooms
Full kitchen and custom 2-level bar
Open office space
Functional private space
Phone booths
Locker Room





Architect of Record
GRA+D Architects

Columbus, Ohio

Square Feet
8,100 sq. ft.

Photo Credits
Matt Carbone



“In our business, people tend to spend a lot of time at the office. We want it to be a place to enjoy each other.”

— Matt Dopkiss, CEO, Dynamit





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