Live with Intention.

A team of pioneers, led by Brett Kaufman of Kaufman Development, had a dream to create an innovative environment from which to live, work and play. As noted, Gravity seeks to ‘create a catalyst for sustainable change which will inspire urban livability, connect downtown neighborhoods, and set a standard for new development within the Midwest and in Central Ohio.’ It took a band of creatives from many companies to develop Gravity, and Black Ink was fortunate to have been hired to curate the interiors. With a heavy focus on furnishings and custom design, we were able to bring the design to life - on time and under budget. This team is pushing boundaries in the community of Franklinton and we are proud to have played an important role in the development of the avant-garde space.



Custom furniture design
Custom signage
Curated accessories






Architects of Record

Design Intent

Columbus, Ohio

Square Feet of Scope
29,298 sq. ft.

Photo + Video Credits
Benny Ho



"Adrienne and her team have a unique combination of incredibly high design talent, the ability to execute within budget and make the entire process enjoyable. Working with Black Ink at Gravity was a beautiful experience."

- Brett Kaufman, CEO





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