All in for the trees.

Culture starts with people. Those people are heavily influenced by their environment. This team-focused CEO wanted a space that made her employees come to life with imagination and creativity. In a fast-paced service business, an environment that exudes comfort, inspiration and collaboration is a must. We started with a large open space and built in vibrant color, functional (yet comfortable) seating and gathering areas like lively conference rooms and a fully-stocked kitchen. The "trees," as this team is lovingly called, now has a space they can enjoy every day. That vibe has turned into good work. And that good work has turned into the many accolades this group has earned in response to its awesome culture.



Open, collaborative working space
Engaging and functional meeting areas
Full custom kitchen
Collaboration wall boards
Cozy break-out spaces







Architect of Record
GRA+D Architects

Columbus, Ohio

Square Feet
8,130 sq. ft.

Photo Credits
Norman Ai + Benny Ho





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